Urine-Erase® is an enzyme based product that is guaranteed to remove urine stains and odor, regardless of age, even 30 year-old set stains! Manufactured since 1978, you won’t find a better product to eliminate urine odors and stains.

This unique product works on: mattresses, upholstery, leather, carpets, drapes, floors (wood, cement, terrazzo), walls, kennels, etc.

Why is Urine-Erase better than other products?

Only Urine-Erase® uses a 2 step process.

NOTE: Enzymes, when mixed with liquid, are activated and 100% full strength. Dry enzyme powder (under our cap) is mixed fresh with water just before applying. Other enzyme products are premixed with water, and are much weaker having been activated some time ago.

This enzyme/water solution is poured onto the surface and begins to breakdown urine so it will react with the special formulated solution in the bottle, that is applied eight hours later. This process breaks down the urine into water and oxygen which is ideal when indoor air quality is a concern. Stains and odors disappear within hours after the second step.

Urine stains and odour Disappear Like Magic To Oxygen and Water

Even 30 year old set stains GUARANTEED!

1 molecule of
Urine-Erase® eliminates
1 molecule of Urine

You must apply at least the same amount of
Urine-Erase® as
urine deposited

Always perform a Dye Stability Check before using this Urine-Erase®