I moved into my house and there is a big urine stain. I’m not sure how old it is or if it’s dog or cat. Does this work on old stains too?

Yes- Urine-Erase® will work on any type of urine… human, cat, dog, horse, etc… and it will remove  the urine smell, urine stain and the urine itself, even on 30 year old set stains!


I mixed the enzyme as directed but it did not dissolve completely.

The enzyme is activated when mixed with water. It does not dissolve completely. Not a concern. Simply stir and let it activate for 15 minutes. Then pour the mixture, everything, including un-mixed enzyme over the area.


It really started to smell after I poured the enzyme and water on the stain, is that normal?
Yes- you may smell a strong urine smell as the enzyme is now working on the urine molecules.  That’s science at work.


Will Urine-Erase  stop my pet from going again in the same spot?

When an animal smells urine, it triggers the animal to ‘go again’ over the same spot. Once ALL the urine is removed, the chances of your pet, or other animals, being triggered to go in the same spot again will strongly decrease, if not stop altogether.

Will Urine-Erase work on my hardwood floor ?

Yes it will. Urine-Erase works on any porous surface. Always check dye stability of any material or textile before using Urine-Erase or any cleaners just to be safe.

Is it safe to use on my hardwood floor?

Tricky question, because Urine, water, or any liquid, including any stain remover product, can have a “swelling” and/or a “dark staining” effect on wood, so this may happen when applied, and might have happened already due to urine. If you do not remove the urine you may find your pet will keep peeing on this same spot making it far worse than getting it wet just one last time with cleaner. Most choose to get the urine out and hope for the best.


There is a dark stain on my wood floor…

If your hardwood floor has a dark stain to it, that is a liquid mark, and Urine-Erase does not remove that.


Do I use the whole bottle of Urine-Erase ? or

How much Urine-Erase should I use?

1 ml of Urine-Erase® will remove 1 ml of urine  and so on…
If you purchase the 475 ml bottle, that size will remove 475ml of urine,  all urine. If your pet has had a small accident, you can cut your enzyme accordingly, using only what you need.  Ex: cut the enzyme and water mixture  in half, and now use half the bottle of liquid. When it dries, if you still smell urine, you still have urine…. Remember-  1 ml of Urine-Erase® will remove 1 ml of urine  and so on… Your pet may have gone more than once without you knowing..


The enzyme mixture, after applied, seems to be changing colour to yellow, is this normal?

You may notice the enzyme or the stain changing colour. That’s the urine colour soaking up into the enzyme. The next step will take care of that when you add the # 2 special solution.


When I poured the bottle on the enzyme, it started to foam, is that right?

Yes, that is the #2 solution at work



People or pets, on medications,  can leave a stain behind after using Urine-Erase. This is not a urine stain anymore and  can be removed by simply steam cleaning or another method of choice.


I am now seeing a light brown stain after using your product. I checked the dye stability and it worked fine. Any idea what this is?


First- prove there is no urine remaining.

Browning of carpets is a problem that may be caused by the under-patting, particularly jute under-pad. The backing of the carpet, when made wet, may “bleed” through and cause a “browning” of the carpet. This is caused by urine soaking into the under-padding. While this product often eliminates these stains, no guarantee is given to remove stains other than urine itself.  

Suggested Solution To Remedy “Jute Backed” Browning:

SODIUM SULFITE (not Sodium Sulphate) from your local Apothecary (drug store).

  1. Mix a tablespoon in one cup of water.
  2. “Blot” (do not rub) browning with solution on wet cloth to remove.
  3. Allow carpet to dry.


Remember: You must apply as much Urine-Erase® or more, than urine deposited & Always perform a dye stability test before using Urine-Erase®

Once you have followed instructions and have completed applying Urine-Erase , if you still smell urine, you still have urine.
Which means, there was originally  more urine  than Urine-Erase®  you have applied.